E-911 EXCEPTIONS include the following. E-911 service for VOIP service is different than traditional phone service (PSTN) IVSGRP is an Intrado® V9-1- 1(SM) Mobility Service customer and is authorized to aggregate V9-1- 1 Mobility Service with its other offerings. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES! Our carrier facility is the company who can provide the full, complete and comprehensive call aggregation and E911 VOIP transport services needed to meet the FCC requirements as well as your emergency needs. This service is designed to be the most robust, fail safe, technically advance solution available to allow interconnected Hosted VOIP Telecom providers the ability to include E911 service as required by the FCC for both in-region and foreign telephone numbers. IVSGrp carrier facility provides the expensive and redundant equipment needed to transmit all 911 calls to the appropriate PSAP, designated statewide default answering point or appropriate local mergency authority that services the caller’s Registered Location and that has been designated for telecommunications carriers pursuant to section 64.3001 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

The process is extremely simple and easy to set up. It occurs in four easy steps:

1. IV Solutions Group, Inc. completes the necessary paperwork and agreements.
2. Our carrier facility provisions the E911 switches and issues an IP address to IVSGRP to which all 911 calls will be routed.
3. IVSGRP uploads a delimited file for our Carrier facility to perform a comprehensive and proprietary set of address verification processes.
4. Our carrier facility programs their switch to route all 911 calls from its subscribers to the IP address provided by IVSGRP for their customers whose addresses have passed the validation process.

When a call is routed to the carrier facility, the call is transmitted securely, for correct and accurate call processing to its final destination. Our carrier facility is the company capable of providing an end to end solution that allows IVSGRP to meet federally mandated E911 needs in the time frame required. As an added bonus IVSGRP through its carrier facility provides two separate call centers staffed by trained personnel 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year to manually facilitate failover emergency call handling and routing to the geographically appropriate PSAP in the event a VOIP call is not able to automatically locate the appropriate PSAP based upon the caller’s telephone number and address.

The ultimate responsibility in insuring that IVSGRP has the necessary data for E-911 is you, our customer.