Managed IT Services

Here at IVS-Group our focus is to help our Chicagoland Business community offload their IT Challenges. We come with decades of experience and a Team of experts to help you take your Business to the next level.

Never Alone

Extend your team beyond your employees. Gain a lifetime strategic team who will be by your side whenever needed. Our Managed IT Services will compliment and add value as we work on improving your IT infrastructure.

Key Focus Area of our Managed Services

Engaging our Managed IT Services

Managed Infrastructure Security

The security of your infrastructure should not be taken lightly. On premise or off-premise, our team will run an assessment to understand level of protection and exposure to threats. Our Managed IT Services seeks to take the necessary action by installing preventative measures and rules to deny unauthorized access, data modification, deletion, and theft of resources.

Infrastructure Modernization

While the latest and greatest is not always the best fit, we want to make sure your valuable IT assets are benefiting from the best possible architecture and technology. We spend time understanding your data structure, dependencies. Based on our findings, we will suggest the most stable solution with an innovative approach. Our suggested service choice will always be justified.

Managed Support Services

With our Managed IT Services, we focus on managing your entire Infrastructure. Cut operational expenses by putting our team by your side. Remove the burden of spending time recruiting, hiring, or training IT staff. We are available around the clock with ongoing monitoring, proactive management so you can focus on your Business. We provide on-call and Remote support.

Reduced Operational Cost

As a provider, we come prepared with key IT equipment such as Servers, routers, switches, printers, monitors at a guaranteed lower cost. We also have access to datacenter space for off-premise hosting. With the added benefit of not having to hire a CTO for your technology, your savings are quickly noticeable for both OPEX and CAPEX.

Managed Services is about Team Work

The right team makes a big difference. While Technology brought us together, we will never lose our human side. We seek to build a lasting relationship with your organization. Together, we can transform and modernize your IT infrastructure. We look forward to meeting with your team. Our approach:

  • Result-driven Technology demos
  • Collaborative assessment of IT usability
  • Practical and hands-on training session
  • Quarterly or Yearly Technology Reports

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Managed IT Services

What we do Best

Action speak louder. To rely on your in-house team alone to take you to the next level can impact your Business growth. We take action to improve productivity across every area of your organization without compromising on efficiency.

Business application Hosting

Our Managed IT Services focuses on providing your Business with the right resources to run your proprietary or custom applications. From Microsoft 365 to running your Accounting software, we provide you with everything you need to run smoothly. Our securely hosted Cloud services are available for use at a much lower cost than using Microsoft or AWS.

Disaster Recovery Planning

A Business without proper disaster recovery plan in place sets itself up for failure. Our Managed IT Services covers daily incremental data backups, replication services as well as data recovery procedures. Most of all, we take in consideration Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) set by your organization.

Infrastructure and Network

We are experts in building the right infrastructure and Network for your Business. We have an advanced understanding of most virtualization platforms (Vmware, HyperV, Promox, Citrix) with an added benefit of building secure, redundant and fault-tolerant networks for our clients. We bring efficiency on site or within any datacenter environment.

Compliance and Security

Managed IT Services
With our Managed IT Services, we help Business become compliant according to their specific guidelines within their industry. In our years of experience, HIPAA, PCI-DSS tend to dominate. This is why our services are hosted in highly secure and compliant datacenters with the best security practices. Get in touch today to discuss how IV Solution Group can help.


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